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Top 25 Ron Paul Groups Alone Raise at least $315,000 in 10 Days

The Ron Paul 2008 campaign is currently having a fundraising contest between the meetup groups. While we don’t know how much money has been raised total, or how much each group has raised, we can take a pretty good guess.

Here is the only data available:

In order to estimate how much these groups have raised, we need some sort of baseline. And one group is likely to provide it: The South-central Minnesota Ron Paul 2008 Meetup Group, who only have 5 people, the bare minimum to win the 2nd part of the contest, most money raised per group member. Since the minimum is 5 people @ $11,500, we’ll assume that this was their plan, and that is how much money they have raised.

So below you can see the chart with the top 25 meetup group fundraisiers and how far behind they are. But we’ve added a column on the right to estimate the total money raised per group, based on the Owatonn, MN group.
Fundraising Contest Projections

Once you use the baseline and how far behind or in front of other groups Owatonna is, we can estimate that the top 25 groups have raised at least $315,460.

Now it is very likely that they raised far more then that. Owatonna members could have kept their numbers at 5, but gotten a spouse to donate money on their behalf in order to push their donations/member ratio even higher. And I know for a fact that other groups have done this same exact thing.

Total Donations

So how far does the rabbit hole go? We’ve only been able to estimate the top 25 groups, and at present there are 806 TOTAL Ron Paul meetup groups. How much did those groups raise? Estimates here are more unreliable, but if you take a look at the graph below, you can start to form a mental picture.



If you extend the trendline, it appears that Donations/group start to flatten out around $7500, and if that holds even into the mid hundred meetup groups, the campaign will have raised a staggering amount of cash. Better yet, there are still 3 days left in the contest, and the groups at the top are desperately contacting their membership base urging ever increasing amounts of donations, in an effort to get Ron Paul to their city.

We’d be interested to hear of any other statistical analysis done based on this data.


August 29, 2007 Posted by | News Stories, Statistical Analysis | 13 Comments