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5 days ago my post referenced the number of Ron Paul supporters who were members of Meetup groups similar to our Meetup group in Delaware. In the past five days, the number of supporters has climbed from 20,303 to 22,447, a 5-day increase of 2,144. I showed you a map that looked something like the following:

Ron Paul Supporters

Go ahead and click on the map to be taken to the site I snagged it from so you can see what the current numbers look like.

After running an exponential regression based on the average increase in rate of growth per half hour, it becomes clear that by December 19th, 2007, Ron Paul’s Meetup membership will be 259,582,280 people, or in other words, roughly 85% of the American population.


July 16, 2007 Posted by | Ramblings, Satire | 13 Comments